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After more than 20 years of experience in development , technical support  and trade in the field of refrigeration compressor and rotating equipment, we are expanding our support fields. 

We can offer you an comprehensive service by using our experience and network when it comes to your  business needs and support you practical solutions to support you in the field below: 

Technical support to by purchasing / production and sales.

Reducing the impact of Aftersales costs 

Preparing technical documentation in Dutch, English, German and Russian.

Support in direct actions: trade,-logistic, communication fields

Project support – getting approvals - product development – new sales opportunities.

Create new sale – channels.

Our benefits:

Time of support adjusted to the working time of the international partner.

Global vision –attitude.

Working from flexible locations to support your sales, production.  ( the Netherlands and Latvia) 

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RM Support Consultancy

rmIn general business: Each of us is facing sometimes unplanned impact on the daily business, caused by internal or external situation. In 2020 we were awaken by a global situation with was a major impact on each business on this planet. 

Each entrepreneur has a moment of: `Are we going correct way?` The answer is- we`ll know when we are there- so let us try.

Often we find out that lots of things work out if you put your mind to it. Indeed: There are many ways to Rome. 

The benefit of doing is that despite the mistakes, you always receive an experience. 

All these experiences are useful in each business, co-operation. Basic the situation in 2020 learned us one important thing: The best success can be reached by using the skills of each individual on the moment the skill is required. Separate afterwards to working on the next successful event together. Share and you receive back more than you ever expect unexpected.


The refrigeration business is becoming more complex than some years ago. By new developments there are always aftersales costs involved, the question remains when the costs would be end .  

Some manufacturers noticed more claiming for warranty between departments. Lately there is more claiming between the department which complete the compressor unit and the department who is responsible for the manufacturing of the compressor block itself. 

More companies are struggling with warranty claims and therefore looking for ways to reduce the general production costs. Aftersales claims eat not only time and human resources, but they eat also money for a long time if the real reason of the failure is not found. Even in 99,9% cases the real causing is even not related to the delivered product but to external ( temporally ) circumstances.

To recognize the real reason: information, time, experience and knowledge of the complete situation of the product is required. Over the 25 years I have seen and solved a lot of cases. 

If your company is interested to lower the warranty claims in general – We could discuss a co-operation.  

There is also another benefit: to an independent company the claiming costumers are more open and it means that more information will be available. The main key is to hold the relation with the costumers and for the costumers - to get the problem solved.      

In the most cases costumers  are even not end- users and therefore your company is stuck between  the claims and other  parties. All the parties have the same goal: get the problem solved. 

If your company is interested, I can step in to support the ending of the warranty claims.

Why is the claim more complex

The compressor block in a compressor pack is the item, which shows the damage; however in the most cases the compressor block itself is not a reason of the break-down. In my experience over the years the correct conclusion must be as follows:  There are external reasons and circumstances, which took the damaged part over his original design. 

The last years the refrigeration technique is more complex than 15 years ago, due to:

Also a most important issue of today production and business:


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